125g caster sugar
125g finely ground almonds
125g unsalted butter, softened
20g finely ground hazelnuts
3 eggs
1 tbsp Grand Marnier
500g butter puff pastry
Sugar syrup, for brushing
A porcelain figurine or a gold coin

For the egg wash:
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp milk


1) Beat the butter in a bowl with the sugar, almonds and hazelnuts until creamy and smooth.

2) Beat in the eggs one by one, mixing continually. Add the Grand Marnier and refrigerate for an hour or overnight.

3) Divide the puff pastry into two. Using a rolling pin roll out each portion so you have a rough circle. Place an upturned plate of around 30 cm in diameter onto the pastry and use a sharp to cut a neat circle. With the other portion of pastry cut out a slightly larger circle, say around another 5mm wider all the way round than the first circle.

4) In a small bowl, mix the egg yolk with milk and using a pastry brush, brush the outer rim of the dough with the eggwash. Pour the almond cream filling into the centre of one of the circles of pastry about 2cm away from the edge. Press the gold coin into the almond cream, nearer to the edge than the centre.

5) Cover with the other sheet of pastry, gently press the edges of the two sheets together. Using a small knife, draw a pattern on the top for example a simple criss cross. Brush the top with the eggwash. Refridgerate for an hour.

6) Preheat the oven and then bake for 30 – 40 minutes at 180C or until golden brown. Remove from the oven and brush the top with sugar syrup. Cut the galette into thin slices and serve.

7) The fun bit: Whoever finds the gold coin hidden inside the galette is king or queen for the day, wears a paper crown and chooses his or her queen or king.