It is hard to believe the Eurostar was launched in 1994 when the Queen opened Waterloo International Terminal. Now it runs up to 18 services to Paris a day – how did we manage without it?

With connecting train services all over France, it is the perfect way to travel. Here are just a few reasons why…

1) No airport security. Check in is fast and convenient so you can arrive just half an hour before departure rather than having to arrive at an airport 2 hours in advance.

2) No baggage fees or limits. You won’t be charged if your bag is over the weight allowance or for taking extra bags so you can stock up on as much chocolate and pastries as you want!

3) Faster journey. If you take into account travelling to the airport, security and boarding, the door to door journey by train is often faster.

4) Frequency of services. The Eurostar runs up to 18 services to Paris daily. The TGV runs up to 9 direct services from Paris to La Rochelle and up to 20 services from Paris to Lyon daily.

5) Liquids are allowed. You can take your bottle of water with you and all of your normal sized toiletries. More importantly, you can bring back that bottle of French wine!

6) Transparent Pricing. When you book online you can see all of the pricing options available on the Eurostar or Rail Europe websites. It’s cheaper if booked in advance but not a rip off at short notice.

7) Environmentally friendly. It’s better for the environment than flying or driving. It is the greenest way to travel.

8) Relaxing. You can sit back, listen to music and watch the scenery go by.

9) More Space. There is ample room on board. You can get up and wander along the carriages and stop at the food carriage for lunch or a snack.

10) Arrival in the city centre. In most cities the train station is right in the middle of the city so you can often walk to your hotel avoiding city traffic and expensive taxis, plus when you arrive there are no queues. A great way to start your holiday!