cooking course testimonials

'The tour of Beaujolais was most enjoyable, the highlight of our trip. Pauline is an enthusiastic and charming guide.'
- Margaret Williams. Wales
'Wonderful. Thanks for a lovely time. I've learnt so much more than I thought I would in one weekend and am already trying out the new dishes.'
- Karen. Leeds, UK
'I just wanted to take time out and thank you personally for arranging such a wonderful cooking course. Chef Laurent was really good, made us feel welcome. There was also, last weekend, a very large event in La Rochelle that he found out details about and we had a very good time watching the sail boats followed by the most extravagant fire works display I have ever witnessed. Usually I try and look for downsides on a weekend away, but, on this occasion there were none.'
- Garry and Louise Orr. North London, UK
'I have come away with delicious recipes and great memories from our weekend in Lyon. I am going to try your La Rochelle cooking weekend the next time!'
- Anton. Madrid, Spain
'We had great fun on our vacation with the other guests. Since meeting on the cooking course we have kept in touch and swapped photos of the dishes we have made. I must say I have really improved my food presentation. A plus point is the great location. When you walk out of the hotel, there is literally everything you could want within walking distance.'
- Randy and Linda. Connecticut, USA
'The chef was very experienced and happy to tell us about the places he had worked. He showed us techniques which would be hard to get from a book..the perfect weekend break in France!'
- Ben and Melissa. Cheltenham, UK
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Testimonials for Cooking holidays in France
'Wonderful. Thanks for a lovely time.'
- Karen
'Presentation of the course was excellent and we were with a great group of people'
- Julie